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Head crab!!!

Headcrabs are small, parasitic lifeforms roughly 2 feet (0.61 m) long. Headcrabs have rounded bodies with four legs for movement; two stubby legs at the front, obscured by its claws, and two legs at the back. They have a pair of larger frontal claws for attacking prey or as additional support when standing still.

A headcrab’s primary goal is to attach to the head of a suitable host using its mouth (typically covering the face and most of the head). The headcrab then burrows its claws and hind legs into the host and opens up portions of the skull with its mouth, incorporating parts of its biological workings with the motor cortex of the host’s nervous system. The victim is thus taken over by the headcrab and mutated into a mindless zombie-like being known as a headcrab zombie.

Source: Wikipedia!


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