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Singapore Vs Vietnam

Vietnam ended Singapore’s unbeaten run of 21 matches with a 0-1 win in the ‘not yet demolished’ national stadium. (by the way, I went to watch its official final game, which was vs Thailand about a year ago)

I think Singapore didn’t deserve to lose this one, as we played well and created many chances and kept the pressure on the Vietnamese for most of the game. Vietnam, in my opinion, kept a pretty tight ship and managed to hold us back and hit us with counterattacks. One of which scored the winning goal.

The highlight of the match was ?Alam Shah’s? overhead bicycle kick that came unexpectedly, forcing Vietnam’s keeper to make a super save. If that went in, I think it’ll warrant a national holiday!

I really hope that this is not the last game the lions play in the national stadium, I don’t think loosing in the last game is very cool. From what I saw in Singapore in its 0-2 victory against Indonesia, in Jakarta recently, I think we can do much better!

Anyway, here are the pics!


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