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Jamaican chess player busker guy

Hanging out with Tham at orchard road, I came across one of the more interesting buskers, a Jamaican chess player guy who’s playing to go home to visit his sick father. He needs 2 grand before the 23rd December.

I smell a fish… considering the circumstances (sick father, no money, no return ticket), why would he have in the first place come to Singapore? If I were him, I would rather go to Miami or somewhere nearer to Jamaica than Singapore halfway round the world to busk. And why the 23rd of Dec? Does his dad get better after that, or are there no more flights home for him, or maybe his visitor pass ends on that day.

Whatever his intentions, his act really draws a crowd. I didn’t really see how good he is, but being the Jamaica No.1 should at least mean something.

This is what’s on his poster:

Father dying of prostate cancer. Fund-raising to purchase flight ticket back to Jamaica to visit sick father in hospital. $2000 required before 23rd of December. Coins, notes, handshake greatly appreciated!


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