Singapore Marathon

The Standard Chartered Singapore marathon started of this morning at around 5 am with more than 50,000 people taking part. I was there not to run, but to support Lee Choon and Weiliang in their quest for unnecessary pain. Looking at all these people run has inspired me to take out my jogging shoes. I may even take part next year.

Anyway, here are the pics I took when hanging around the finishing line in front of the old supreme court.


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AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G


Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these on the 10th when it is most likely going to be available in Singapore. Just hope I got enough money.

No more motion blurs or shakey hands!

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My two cents on Thailand politics

Bangkok has seen much political unrest in the past few years, since the coup in Sep 06. I’m not Thai, and don’t live there, but I smell the bullshit all the way from Bangkok nonetheless. What you see in Thailand now is a power struggle between the elite of a country which is leaving the common Thai with the shits.

To understand what is going on, its important to look at the demographics of Thailand. This will tell you why Thaksin and his party (until Dec 2 named the PPP) has gathered so much support even though they have been charged with corruption. Thailand is a country with a majority rural population with only 31.3% in urban areas. Thaksin has done well in focusing his attention on the plight of these farming rural class, and as a result has gained the majority vote. The problem with this, is that the city people don’t really like him, so they got rid of him in the coup in 06. Nevertheless, without Thaksin, the PPP still maintained the popular majority with the support from the rural population.

Now, fast forward to 2008, the anti Thaksin, PAD (people’s alliance for democracy) has forced the court to rule a ban on the PPP, disbanding a formally elected government, Ok, there was corruption and vote buying involved. But which politician is not corrupt? And anyway,I believe the PPP, with their popularity in the countryside, would have still been in power if they didn’t buy votes. Now, do you think all the yellow clad PAD people believe in what they are protesting for. No! I think the party elite have either paid them, or tapped into their monarchical sentiment.Just think about it, who has the resources to feed, clothe and maybe even pay the lost wages of thousands of protesters?

The people of Thailand have been deceived by their own leaders, I don’t think a new government made of anti-Thaksin politicians will make any difference. But that is not for me to say. The main thing is that a democratically elected government has been disbanded due to the coercion of a minority.

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Spell Check

Spell checks are not perfect. for example, the one included in wordpress doesn’t even recognise the word ‘blog’. Makes me wonder, If a word doesn’t exist, does the thing it would try to describe exist?

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My two cents on George Bush

Just felt like saying something political today:

Read an article on a CNN political blog today. President Bush told an interviewer that his presidency may have helped Barack Obama win the White House. In other words, the hatred of Bush made a large number of Americans vote for the democrats.

I gotta say, why does everyone hate Bush so much? yeah, I have to admit his neo-con approach to foreign affairs have left the world a much violent place, but I think that his presidency will in the long run, have made America, and for that matter, the world, a better place.

Lots of criticism from anywhere in the political spectrum about his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, seen from this quite obvious vote swing to the Democrats. People around the world forget that the implicit result of America’s wars is to maintain America’s hegemony. Whatever the reason for the conflicts, be it to kill terrorists, suck oil or open up markets conducive to free trade, they share a common outcome: Which is that America remains the world’s greatest, strongest, biggest fuck country in the universe. And the important thing is, no other country will challenge that fact, at least in the next 50 years.

Why is that important? Just look at the cold war, or before that. When there are two super powers in the world, as it was during the cold war, or no viable ones, as seen before WW2; the world was comparatively a more dangerous place to be in. The political and military scale of Iraq and Afghanistan is nothing compared to the conflicts before the Berlin wall fell.

What Bush did was necessary at the time and circumstances. Definitely, war isn’t cool, so less war is better than more.

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Ginza plaza

West coast plaza, formerly known as ginza plaza opened last Saturday after closing down for renovations for more than a year. Being my favourite hang out spot of my younger days, I knew I had to check it out.

Anyway, I went down with Martin, who surprised me with a first, by driving me. Not his car though, its a company car which I reckon is more than 15 years old as the number plate starts with SBT. (Aiya I forgot the number, otherwise can buy 4D)

My first impression of west coast plaza is that the a/c is too cold. But its a reprieve for me as I have not re adapted to Singaporean weather yet. Shop wise, the eating is pretty good, with New York New York, Thai Express, Sushi Tei, Fish and Co and MoF (ministry of food). There’s a cold storage, which has taken over the space of shop and save, signalling ginza’s change into an ‘atas’ shopping center. What I cannot understand is why in one shopping center there are 6 optometrists, a coffee bean, a starbucks and another coffee shop which I forgot the name. I think the choice of tenants could be better.

Anyway, bata is still there in its same position, that kinda makes me feel nostalgic already. What it really needs now is a lan game shop, or a snooker place.

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Dog vs Mynah bird

According to eye witness, meow meow the cat, the mynah was actually a baby which dropped down from its nest and wasn’t very good at flying. Apperently, Cookie (white dog) spotted and caught got  the bird, but rocky (black dog) snatched her new toy away and din’t share. selfish dog! The bird’s parents, naturally pissed off, called the entire mynah neighbourhood down and attempt to irritate the dogs into letting baby bird go. But hell no! No dog is gonna let fresh mynah meat go, not after eating canned shit friskies every day!

Current score: dogs 1 birds 0

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