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Singapore Vs Vietnam

Vietnam ended Singapore’s unbeaten run of 21 matches with a 0-1 win in the ‘not yet demolished’ national stadium. (by the way, I went to watch its official final game, which was vs Thailand about a year ago)

I think Singapore didn’t deserve to lose this one, as we played well and created many chances and kept the pressure on the Vietnamese for most of the game. Vietnam, in my opinion, kept a pretty tight ship and managed to hold us back and hit us with counterattacks. One of which scored the winning goal.

The highlight of the match was ?Alam Shah’s? overhead bicycle kick that came unexpectedly, forcing Vietnam’s keeper to make a super save. If that went in, I think it’ll warrant a national holiday!

I really hope that this is not the last game the lions play in the national stadium, I don’t think loosing in the last game is very cool. From what I saw in Singapore in its 0-2 victory against Indonesia, in Jakarta recently, I think we can do much better!

Anyway, here are the pics!


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MRT Hooligans

Since coming back to Singapore four weeks ago, I have been increasingly aware of the bad behaviour prevalent in Singaporean MRT trains. This could either mean that I’m losing the uniquely Singaporean ability to tolerate bullshit, or Singapore has become a more rude place to be.

It is so rare to see someone give up an MRT seat to another who needs it more, people rush into the trains as if their life depends on it, cutting the queue to top up your fare card. All of this I have noticed in the trains and stations.

Yesterday, Gong, GK and I were in the train heading for Bugis, the train wasn’t full, and we were the only ones standing. At City Hall station, a ‘lady’ in her early thirties rushed in looking like a mad dog and headed for the lone empty seat behind us. To reach this seat which she has a divine right to put her ass on, she chose the shortest path, which was obstructed by gong. So easily, she pushed aside gong, who nearly lost his balance. Plainly speaking, I was pissed.

I see this as a problem in Singapore society. This is not a problem that can be solved quickly, but it may take a generation or two before Singaporeans become more aware of their social behaviour. The best way to do this is by teaching the next generation when they are young. Many may argue that such behaviour is inevitable in a pressure cooker environment such as Singapore, and kiasu behaviour is a survival response.

I think not, as I’m sure people are capable of being gracious as well as competitive. Filtering out situations when selfish behaviour is not necessary to survive, such as a MRT train commute.

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Ants, trees, cheese rings and monkeys

Its been a long time since I’ve been into a jungle, which i’ve seen enough of in my army days. Anyway, I think rainforests are cool, its one place where you can feel a connection with nature and get away from all the cars and buildings. Bad thing about the jungle is the mosquitoes, the humidity, and the monkeys!!!


There are so many monkeys in the bukit timah hill area, the bad thing is that they all hang out at the visitor center, looking for food. Snatching, stealing, begging, whatever it takes, except picking fruits and berries from trees. I guess after you taste cheese rings, nothing compares.


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Jamaican chess player busker guy

Hanging out with Tham at orchard road, I came across one of the more interesting buskers, a Jamaican chess player guy who’s playing to go home to visit his sick father. He needs 2 grand before the 23rd December.

I smell a fish… considering the circumstances (sick father, no money, no return ticket), why would he have in the first place come to Singapore? If I were him, I would rather go to Miami or somewhere nearer to Jamaica than Singapore halfway round the world to busk. And why the 23rd of Dec? Does his dad get better after that, or are there no more flights home for him, or maybe his visitor pass ends on that day.

Whatever his intentions, his act really draws a crowd. I didn’t really see how good he is, but being the Jamaica No.1 should at least mean something.

This is what’s on his poster:

Father dying of prostate cancer. Fund-raising to purchase flight ticket back to Jamaica to visit sick father in hospital. $2000 required before 23rd of December. Coins, notes, handshake greatly appreciated!

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Head crab!!!

Headcrabs are small, parasitic lifeforms roughly 2 feet (0.61 m) long. Headcrabs have rounded bodies with four legs for movement; two stubby legs at the front, obscured by its claws, and two legs at the back. They have a pair of larger frontal claws for attacking prey or as additional support when standing still.

A headcrab’s primary goal is to attach to the head of a suitable host using its mouth (typically covering the face and most of the head). The headcrab then burrows its claws and hind legs into the host and opens up portions of the skull with its mouth, incorporating parts of its biological workings with the motor cortex of the host’s nervous system. The victim is thus taken over by the headcrab and mutated into a mindless zombie-like being known as a headcrab zombie.

Source: Wikipedia!

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Rainy day with Mr Walker

Met up with Mike today, who’s going back to Tasmania from a semester long exchange here with NUS. Pity about the horrible weather.

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Ginza plaza

West coast plaza, formerly known as ginza plaza opened last Saturday after closing down for renovations for more than a year. Being my favourite hang out spot of my younger days, I knew I had to check it out.

Anyway, I went down with Martin, who surprised me with a first, by driving me. Not his car though, its a company car which I reckon is more than 15 years old as the number plate starts with SBT. (Aiya I forgot the number, otherwise can buy 4D)

My first impression of west coast plaza is that the a/c is too cold. But its a reprieve for me as I have not re adapted to Singaporean weather yet. Shop wise, the eating is pretty good, with New York New York, Thai Express, Sushi Tei, Fish and Co and MoF (ministry of food). There’s a cold storage, which has taken over the space of shop and save, signalling ginza’s change into an ‘atas’ shopping center. What I cannot understand is why in one shopping center there are 6 optometrists, a coffee bean, a starbucks and another coffee shop which I forgot the name. I think the choice of tenants could be better.

Anyway, bata is still there in its same position, that kinda makes me feel nostalgic already. What it really needs now is a lan game shop, or a snooker place.

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